july 2014 | letters to my children

Dear D,

Oh, my rambunctious little boy! I'm lovingly referring to the current stage you're in as your "threenager years," meaning that you can be moody and defiant one minute, yet so smart, sweet and inquisitve a minute later. You seem to have neverending amounts of energy, which means that you keep your dad and me on our toes at all times. Even though the age of three has proven itself to be quite challenging for us as parents, we know you are growing up and gaining a sense of independence. Part of us is proud that you challenge us (even though it makes us want to pull our hair out) because it's a sign that you know how to assert yourself and that you stand up for yourself. As you grow older, I hope this is something we can help cultivate and instill in you.

P.S.: Jumping on the bed is only allowed when I have my camera in hand.

Love forever and always,




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Letters To My Children is a monthly blog circle project I participate in, along with a group of fabulous mother photographers. I alternate my letters every other month between my son and daughter. You can see more of my letters to my children here.