send coffee and cough drops

File Feb 27, 11 16 46 AM

Oh my goodness. That past two weeks have been trying, to say the least. About a month ago, K came down with a fever that lasted for a couple of days. The fever then turned into another cold and her cough started two weeks ago. Once again we started the daily routine of her coughing so much that she would throw up after some of her bottles and even after eating some solids. Her sleep has also been interrupted because of coughing fits.

I decided to take her into the doctor this past Wednesday (12 days into the cough). The doctor took one glance into her right ear and proclaimed that she had a pretty bad ear infection. Although I felt horrible for not taking her in earlier, I was somewhat relieved that we could at least now give her something that should make her feel better. We started her on amoxicillin, but she's still been throwing up. Since I'm in charge of getting the kids up and ready for daycare, there have been some mornings the past two weeks where I've almost lost it.

K has generally been waking up around 5:30 coughing nonstop and crying. This is in addition to occasionally waking a couple times a night crying. I'm lucky if I'm able to get a shower in. Her coughing and crying usually wakes D up early, so between trying to get myself and both of them ready, plus cleaning up K's puke and changing her outfit and mine after she's vomited all over us, I really don't have a moment of peace until I get into the office.

On top of all of this, last Friday I came down with some sort of sickness that kept me in bed all day with a fever and body aches. I'm feeling better now, but I'm congested and have been snoring at night (lucky Scott.)

I'm so thankful it's Friday and I'm hoping that K's antibiotics really kick in tonight. I am sooo tired of hearing the poor little girl cough.