halloween 2015

Halloween seemed to creep up on us this year! The festivities started out with parties at the kids' daycare.

Kressa is always so interested in Decker's class!

Tried to get some photographs at home. It's nearly impossible to keep Kressa still these days.

Decker is much easier to direct.

I am always so thankful to get in a photo with the kids. Thanks, Scott!

It poured almost the entire day on Halloween. It was also the first day our home was listed and we had our first showing. Scott took Decker out for some trick-or-treating while Kressa and I handed out candy. It started pouring again, so they didn't stay out long. Decker actually said he wanted to come home early because his bag was full. Kressa seemed mesmerized by all the candy.

Next year I know we're going to have TWO candy monsters!

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