house update

Ohhh my goodness. Last time I wrote was back on January 2, and at that point, we had just fired our horrible contractor and were waiting for the new contractor to come finish up the hardwood. Well, it was still quite a long process to get the hardwood finished up.

The 2nd contractor started on January 6th. Well, apparently nobody had told him that he would be installing engineered hardwood, because he showed up without the stapler he needed! (If you recall, our previous contractor also did not have his stapler because he had lent it out.) Anyways, after a delay for him to get his stapler, he actually did a great job and was finished by the 8th.

Our 3rd contractor started on Monday the 10th and his job was to do the baseboards. Well, it ended up being a very long process because they had to be painted and then we realized the walls had been damaged from removing the baseboards, so he ended up fixing up all the walls, etc. Even though we love this contractor (he's my best friend's dad), it just gets OLD having someone in your house day after day after day. And at this point, it had been a whole month since we had moved in. That's an entire month of the house being out of order and in a bit of chaos. After 2 weeks, he was finally finished!

We are finally starting to feel more settled in. We still need to get some new furniture in the living room, bonus room and dining room, as well as hang pictures, etc., but for the most part, everything is put together.

A few things I've learned from living in our new home:

  1. I need to learn how to handle minor home repair stuff myself. When I say "minor," I am mostly referring to paint touch-ups. I've just come to the realization that nobody is going to care about my house and be as careful with it as me. For some reason, I've always feared painting, even though I know it's not rocket science.
  2. I just have to let some things go. When we first moved in, the dark hardwood floors were driving me insane! The first few times I noticed nicks and scratches, I could hardly take it. Every time I heard the kids drop a toy, I freaked out. I've now come to realize that there's no way to avoid imperfections in our floors. And I've actually become pretty skilled with my touch-up marker and wax. We had some pretty noticeable gouges that I was able to cover up.
  3. I'm never moving again! (Haha. Just joking...maybe.)

A couple of shots of the kids playing in their upstairs playroom. (Poor Kress fell on the playground and got a big scrape under her nose.)